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San Diego has an impressive network of bicycle paths and lanes, making cycling an attractive prospect for those who wish to take a healthier approach to travel around the city. Perhaps you chose to cycle for environmental reasons – after all, what city needs even more gas-guzzling vehicles regularly adding to congestion – or for financial reasons. Whatever the rationale behind you deciding to get to and from work or leisure activities on two wheels, bicycling offers numerous benefits. On the flip side, when you don your cycling helmet and take to San Diego roads on your bike, you are also making yourself vulnerable to the reckless and, sometimes, downright dangerous motorists who will share your space. With so many vehicles using San Diego roads on a daily basis, many of whom are inexperienced when it comes to driving safely near cyclists, serious injuries result from bicycle accidents far too regularly.

Without the protection offered by the metal shell of a motor vehicle, you are likely to sustain serious injuries when struck by a car. Organ damage, broken bones, and even traumatic brain injuries are often inflicted on innocent cyclists, and, when you become the most recent San Diego bicycle accident victim, you need legal representation from a truly excellent attorney.

Staying Safe While Cycling in San Diego

You can never fully eliminate the risk of becoming involved in a San Diego bicycle accident, but there are some steps you can take to help minimize your likelihood of sustaining injuries.

  • Always wear an approved, well-fitting helmet when cycling around San Diego

  • Make sure to ride a bike that fits you properly, as this allows better control

  • Carry out regular maintenance on your bicycle, ensuring that your brakes work effectively, and your tires are properly inflated

  • Always obey traffic laws and signage

  • Wear brightly colored, highly visible clothing or accessories while cycling

  • Signal your intentions in plenty of time, to make sure other motorists are aware of your upcoming turn or stop

  • If in doubt, always assume that a motorist has not seen you. Do not take unnecessary chances with your safety

If you are interested in statistics, here are some rather sobering facts about cycling in San Diego and elsewhere in California:

  • California tends to be either #1 or #2 in terms of bicycle accidents involving motorists

  • More than 500,000 people each year receive hospital treatment after a bicycle accident

  • Cyclists traveling on San Diego roads are around 40% more likely to be injured than those who only cycle off-road

  • Bicycle accident fatalities have increased by almost 20% over the past 8 years

  • 88% of fatal bicycle accident victims are male

  • 70% of bicycle accidents, in San Diego and beyond, involve head injuries of some description

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