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Buses are among the handiest forms of transportation when getting around San Diego, but when bus accidents happen, they can also be the source of significant injuries. Although bus accidents are not all that common, the injuries sustained from being involved in a bus accident can be catastrophic, ranging from open fractures to crushing injuries and traumatic brain injuries or spinal column damages. It is sometimes the case that bus accidents leave behind lifelong injuries and disabilities that require years of intense therapy and treatment. If you have been significantly injured in a bus accident, then our San Diego bus accident attorney can help you hold the at-fault party responsible for your losses so that you can get your life back together and move on.

Causes of Bus Accidents

There are a variety of situations that may cause a bus accident. Some of these include:

  • Distracted driving

  • Not maintaining the bus to its highest standards

  • Driving under the influence

  • The driver of another vehicle was distracted or intoxicated

  • Road hazards such as construction debris, potholes, inadequate shoulders or barriers, etc


Determining who is liable for causing an accident can be a bit tricky, if many parties were involved or not, or whether local government owns the bus that was involved in the accident. Our San Diego team knows what a challenge it can be to prove that a bus accident caused your injury or the injury or death of a loved one. Injuries can be severe and permanent, or long-lasting.


You’ll need to file your claim ASAP, as the state of California only provides you with a sixth-month window for filing damages for injuries received from a bus accident, although you have three years to file for property damages. This time limit, however, applies to lawsuits filed after the accident occurred, and not after filing your insurance claim.

California has a “comparative negligence/shared fault” law that allows you to recover damages even if you were partly to blame for your accident. You’ll need to notify the state DMV within 10 days following the bus accident if anyone was injured or killed, or if the accident caused more than $1,000 in property damage. It’s important to note that reporting the accident is not the same as suing for damages. You will need to seek the consultation of an experienced bus accident attorney for that.


In the state of California, the statute of limitations allows injured parties just two years from the date of their injury to file a claim. Due to this, time is of the essence after your injury. You must begin the process as soon as possible, including gathering medical evidence, eyewitness statements, and other important claim documents. Work with our San Diego bus accident attorney to determine the best route forward with your claim. We offer a free consultation and no-obligation case review to answer all your questions and get the ball rolling. Call us now to schedule your appointment with our compassionate legal team to get started on your bus accident claim.


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