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The stunning California scenery in San Diego means that being outdoors can be a very enjoyable experience, particularly when coupled with the generally fantastic weather. Picture the scene: you are out walking with your significant other, making the most of the city you are lucky enough to call home. Before you know exactly what is happening, a dog runs towards you, barking and growling, before sinking its teeth into you. You are not sure why the dog attacked, or why it was unleashed and free to do so, but you do know that you are now in a lot of pain. According to California law, a dog’s owner can be held legally responsible for any injuries inflicted by their pet, and, as such, you are entitled to pursue them for compensation.

When you need expert legal advice and representation after such an incident, our San Diego dog bite attorneys are here for you.

Just how Often Do San Diego Dogs Bite?

The answer to that question is probably more than you may think. California, as a state, sees the most dog bite-related fatalities in the entire United States, with around 2,500 attacks reported annually in San Diego alone.

Some of the currently available statistics relating to San Diego dog bites include:

  • Those in the City Heights and Encanto neighborhoods are most at risk, with 94 dog bite attacks occurring in each area

  • Golden Hill residents are slightly less at risk, experiencing an average of 86 dog bite attacks per year

In terms of the breeds of dog which are most dangerous:

  • Pitbulls rank #1 with 851 reported bites over a three-year period

  • German Shepherds come in second, with 349 bites

  • Chihuahuas rank a close third, inflicting around 330 bites

What You Should Do After a San Diego Dog Bite Attack

Immediately following a dog bite attack, and assuming you are in a fit state to do so, you should look for the dog’s owner and obtain their contact details. If the dog is being walked by a dog walker, or somebody other than the owner, you should request their details, as well as those of the owner. Where no owner or responsible adult is in the vicinity, you should call San Diego Animal Services to advise that there is a dangerous dog loose in the area. Of course, if you are seriously injured, this will not be possible.

Next, you should seek emergency medical attention for your injuries. When you choose to file a suit seeking compensation, your San Diego dog bite attorney will need to prove that medical attention was required.

As California law dictates that a dog’s owner is strictly liable for injuries caused by a dog bite attack, your next call should be to our experienced lawyers. With our proven track record of success, we could be your key to maximum compensation. Although you can, of course, pursue compensation on your own behalf, the dog’s owner may attempt to prove that you are not entitled to a settlement. Hiring a skilled attorney means this will not present an insurmountable obstacle.

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