The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way most people in this country live their daily lives. California was one of the first states to order most residents to stay at home, asking them essentially to shelter in place. However, individuals are still allowed to get outside for exercise and recreation. The streets may be less crowded, but this can lull bicyclists and drivers alike into a false sense of security. San Diego bicycle accident attorney Edward “Skip” Babbitt wants to discuss some safety tips for both cyclists and drivers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Less Crowded Streets, Still Bicycling Dangers

It is hard to find many positives coming out of the news right now. However, there has been a dramatic decrease in traffic on the roadways which has led to a significant reduction in traffic accidents. Many bicyclists in the San Diego area have been able to enjoy less crowded roadways as they get out to exercise. To be certain, the California government has said that it is okay for people to go out and exercise as long as they maintain social distancing from other people around them who are not part of their household.

Unfortunately, less crowded roadways often mean that bicyclists and drivers who are outside become less attentive to their surroundings. Essentially, they are lulled into a false sense of security. It is vital that both bicyclists and drivers remain vigilant of one another on the roadways.

Bicyclists should always:

  • Follow traffic laws and regulations in place, including stopping at all stop signs and stoplights, yielding the right of way, and riding on the right side of the roadway.

  • Wear brightly colored clothing when riding in the evening or at night time.

  • Wear an approved DOT helmet at all times. Even though California law only requires those 17 and under to wear a helmet, even adults should wear a helmet to minimize the risks of serious injury.

Drivers should always:

  • Remain vigilant, even on less crowded roadways.

  • Put away phones and other devices while driving to minimize distractions.

  • Always yield when a pedestrian or bicyclist has the right of way.

Even though the roadways are less crowded, drivers should never assume that a bicyclist sees them, and a bicyclist should never assume that a driver sees them. Now is not the time to relax safety standards.

We Are Here to Help You Through This

If you or somebody you care about has been injured in a bicycle accident that was caused by another person’s negligent actions, seek legal assistance today. You can count on Edward “Skip” Babbitt to be by your side to investigate what happened and work to secure any compensation you need. This could include:

  • All bicycle crash medical bills

  • Lost wages if you are unable to work while you recover

  • General household expenses

  • Possible physical therapy expenses

  • Pain and suffering damages

  • Possible punitive damages against a grossly negligent party

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