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How to Avoid Workplace Injuries | Personal Injury Lawyer

How to Avoid Slip and Fall Injuries at Work

Although a personal injury lawyer may be able to help you secure compensation from your employer from a slip and fall accident, most people would prefer to remain healthy and pain-free. Avoiding slip and fall injuries at work allows you to avoid contacting a slip and fall lawyer for legal help.

Keep Your Work Area Safe

Maintaining good housekeeping in your work area can be bothersome, but consider that almost every slip and fall lawyer has represented a client whose injury directly resulted from slippery work surfaces or other basic housekeeping problems. Make sure that everyone at the site is aware of spills or other dangers and clean them up or call for janitorial staff immediately. It takes time to keep a clean, safe work area, but the reduced risk of a slip and fall injury is worth it.

Be Aware of Your Environment

Many people work in fast-paced environments. Construction sites, food preparation areas, hospitals and other work sites are home to a flurry of activity, and it is easy to lose focus on your surroundings while walking from one area to another. Although it is your employer’s responsibility to ensure that surfaces are dry and safe, you may find yourself tripping on a wet floor before a clean-up team has had time to respond to a spill.

Even though you may be in a rush, pay careful attention to the floor or outdoor surface you are walking across. Take small, slow steps over areas that look risky or if you are outdoors in a rainy environment. It takes time to slow down, but those extra seconds can protect you from a painful, debilitating injury.

Carry Lighter Loads

Many slip and fall accidents occur when a worker is carrying materials and other objects. People often try to reduce their time carrying these items and overload themselves, resulting in a bulky, cumbersome load that blocks their vision or may cause them to trip over dropped items. Carrying heavy backpacks and other bags can also make balancing difficult. Carry less weight and try to keep one of your hands free. This allows you to balance yourself and leaves your vision clear so that you can see obstructions or spills in front of you.

Wear Proper Footwear

Proper shoe treads can prevent many slip and fall accidents. Non-slip or slip-resistant shoes help maintain good traction even in a wet environment and can keep you on two feet even on a slick wet floor or a rainy outdoor work site.

Although you can take certain measures to make your work environment a safe one, if your employer does not provide adequate facilities, accidents are much more likely to occur. If you are injured in an accident at work, you should contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as you are able so that you can discuss your case.

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