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Practice Areas of San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer

Practice Areas


How many do you know who get thank you cards from clients, grateful that he has helped them collect on monies due them from insurance companies? At the Law Office of Edward J. Babbitt, APC, we have earned the respect of clients, opposing legal counsel and insurance companies based on his aggressive and knowledgeable representation of clients in the areas of:

Personal Injury

  • Auto Accidents – Choose a lawyer who has the skills and background to negotiate with the insurance companies and will work tirelessly to get you the best compensation possible following a car accident.
  • Slips and Falls – Slips, trips, or falls on dangerous wet floors or uneven sidewalks can result in debilitating injury. If the negligence was cause by another, we will fight to get you compensation to help with your medical recovery.
  • Construction Site Accidents – If you have been injured on a building site or in highway construction caused by someone else, call us immediately to see if we can recover damages for you.
  • Dog Bites – Do not let an animal attack or dog bite go unpunished. We can help you fight for fair compensation for any scars, disfigurement, or serious injury.
  • Products Liability – Whether the defect in a product is due to a design flaw, manufacturing defect, or inadequate safety warnings, you may have a legal recourse if you have been injured by dangerous products.
  • Burn Injury – Over 2 million American receive a burn injuries every year. Treatment for these injuries is arduous, painful and often results in disfiguring and embarrassing scars.
  • Back Injury – The spinal cord allows us to walk upright and contains vital nerves and veins that keep our bodies functioning properly. Unfortunately, as highly evolved as the spinal column is, it is also fragile.
  • Brain Injury – Head injuries can be caused by car accidents, slip and falls, construction accidents and many other serious accidents. If the accident was not your fault though, you should not be required to pay for the many expenses associated with treating mental retardation, depression, amnesia, blindness, coma, paralysis or other common conditions involved with head injuries.
  • Wrongful Death – If a loved one has died due to another’s negligence, survivors may be entitled to a financial award for their physical and emotional loss.
  • Life-Changing Injuries – When medical professionals fail to perform up to society’s standards, they can be held accountable for their negligence, if it has resulted in injury or death to the patient.

To schedule a free case evaluation with an experienced personal injury attorney, contact the Law Office of Edward J. Babbitt today.

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    Awards and Accolades

    • Outstanding Trail Lawyer (2007, 2013)
    • Consumer Attorney of San Diego Legal Education Committee Chairman (2010-present)
    • Consumer Attorney of San Diego Legal Education Director (2010-14)
    • San Diego Inn of Court President (2012)
    • American Board of Trial Advocates (2012-present)
    • San Diego Attorney Journal - Outstanding Lawyer of the Month (Aug. 2013)
    • Consumer Advocate of the Year (2013)

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